Admission to the program

The admission to the program will occur annually through the approval on the selection test with criteria defined by the collegiate of the program, according to the established norms in the selection notice, which is published at each new process. It will be admitted to the master's degree in Ethnobiology and Nature Conservation holders of a degree in a related field determined by the Didactic Coordination Board of the program. It will be admitted to the PhD course in Ethnobiology and Nature Conservation holders of undergraduate and master's degrees that have been approved and classified in the selection process, according to the availability of vacancies in each selection process. In addition, for admission to the PhD course, the candidate must demonstrate the publication of at least 1 (one) complete scientific article ("scientific article" means those containing original research results, published in their complete form or as short communication and review articles). The PhD candidate who has published as a first author at least two complete scientific papers may be exempted from submitting the master's degree diploma. The quality criteria for these articles are published in the selection notices published annually between the months of July and August.

Access to norms (in portuguese):